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EU Shipping rates & tax


We have spent the last few weeks trying to reach agreements with DHL and our distributors in different countries in order to offer a custom home delivery solution. This is the result of that. 

The countries where an agreement with our distributors have been reached are Germany, Belgium, Slovenia, Holland, Italy, Switzerland and the UK. This guarantees that our customers from those countries will have a definite quote for shipping of a case of wine delivered to their homes, including all required tax. These prices are per shipment of one case:

  • Germany: 17€
  • Belgium: 54€
  • Slovenia: 32€
  • Holland: 42€
  • Italia: 32€
  • Switzerland: 72,05€
  • UK: 63,44€

Some of those countries are also served by DHL, and customers may choose between DHL and local distributors. Prices from DHL -unlike those from distributors- do not include all taxes claimable by authorities in destination countries. 

The list of countries served by DHL -along with their estimated quotes for shipping of a case of wine- is as follows:



Orders placed on our store are subject to 21% Spanish VAT. This satisfies any VAT requirements for customers within the EU, even if these differ from the Spanish.

Some countries apply extra tax charges to wine shopping from other countries. Please check the full list of the excise duty rates applicable in the EU for further info.

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