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What is natural wine?

Wine is one of the oldest food products produced by man that can still be made and enjoyed as it was thousands of years ago. 

Archaeologists and anthropologists have shown that over 8000 years ago in the areas we now know as Georgia and Armenia, "vitis vinifera" was cultivated and wine was produced. 

Like all other foods, wine, without the help of chemicals or other artificial technologies, has been made for thousands of years thanks to the deep knowledge of natural processes and the influence of the stars that determine life on earth, in all its aspects.  This involves the pragmatic and spiritual search for total harmony with the cosmic energy that marks the rhythm of the vital functions of our planet. 

With the evolution toward modern technology, we have lost almost all human contact with Mother Nature.  We have lost the consciousness of being a small part of an overwhelming and immense whole.  This understanding is no longer a part of our culture. 

In the same way, food and wine, which have been sources of life and health for tens of thousands of years and which in many cases have been associated with magical or divine medicinal properties, have been transformed into an industrial feed for man.  They have lost their energy and healing properties, in addition to having lost a wide range of flavors, aromas and textures.  This has happened in favor of a principle of uniformity and standardization that instead of granting energy , health and happiness to those who consume it, only grants great economic benefits to those who produce it. 

Despite this global trend, there are still many artisans who intend to recover the old traditions, working with love and respect for nature, the product and the consumer.  They strive to recover a way of life and to work in harmony with the universe that allows them to return to the food that produces the energy and vitality that all human beings need. 

In Partida Creus we are resolved precisely to this objective: through a respectful viticulture with the environment, in which strong plants and healthy fruit are maintained by agricultural techniques and natural products, categorically excluding any chemical product, and through respectful winemaking with the natural processes of the indigenous microorganisms that live in the skin of the grape, without using any product or artificial process, we want to achieve healthy wines that transmit all the energy that the plants assimilate from Mother Earth and transfer to the grape. 

Convinced of being able to offer oenological experiences rich in emotions and pleasure, we thank you for your support in our journey. It will allow us continue working with this philosophy and share with you everyone's objective to always have a life full of energy, health and happiness.

What is Partida Creus Extra?

In summary, Partida Creus Extra is a project in which we are offering three new references of wines for advanced sale at a direct-from-warehouse price.  These wines will be available for delivery over the next three years:  2018-2020.

This advance in capital will allow us to purchase a new warehouse in order to help us improve our production capabilities and create a lodging space for all of our customers who come to visit us.

For a complete description of the project, click here

How does it work?

These new references are available for purchase on this website.  By purchasing this wine, you are contributing to this community project.

The wines will become available for delivery starting in 2018 extending through 2020. These new wine references - a white, a red, and a sparkling - will be sold in packs.  Each pack consists of a case of a specific reference of wine (12 bottles) from each of the three vintages: 2018, 2019, and 2020. In total, a pack consists of three cases.

The wines will be available for delivery as soon as they are ready.  There may be slight variations in when this will be from year to year given that we are talking about natural wine :)

How much wine will I get and when?

Each pack consists of three cases of one reference from each of the three vintages:  2018, 2019, and 2010.  Each case contains 12 bottles of wine, so in total a pack consists of 36 bottles of wine.

The wines will be available for delivery as soon as they are ready.  There may be slight variations in when this will be from year to year given that we are talking about natural wine :)

How many bottles of wine are in a case?

12 bottles per case

Is there a minimum order?

The minimum order is one pack with a pack consisting of three cases (12 bottles in each case).  

So for example, you can buy a pack of PC Extra Red wine and you will get a case of PC Extra Red wine each year in 2018, 2019, and 2020, for a total of three cases.  

What if I want one case of each wine every year?

That would be three packs, one of each  variety (PC Extra White, Red and Sparkling).

Can I buy just one case of wine?

Unfortunately not. Since the project consists of wines from three vintages (2018 - 2020) we ask participants to commit to a purchase from all three.

Why can't I buy by the bottle?

Due to the specific nature of this project and the logistics in shipping, we can only offer these wines by the case.

In addition to the wine, What else will I get for participating?

We dearly appreciate your participation in this project by buying wines that will help us improve our facilities.  This community is very important to us.  For participating, we invite you to visit us at our bodega.  We have lodging on site and will be happy to show you first-hand where are wines come from and how they are made.  You will also be able to taste Antonella's excellent cooking!

Are these wines new?

Yes.  We are creating three completely new references, a red, a white, and a sparkling.  These wines are new and exclusive to those participating in the Partida Creus Extra project.

What are they like?

We don't know yet because nature is still busy making them, but you can expect a product that contains the same love we put into all of our wines.

Where can I get them other than online?

These wines have been made specifically for this project, so they are not available for purchase other than on this website.

What about the old wines?

There is no change in the production of our other wines.  We will continue to produce these wines and with the help of the new warehouse through Partida Creus Extra, we will have more space to improve the facilities to do so.  

Why can’t I get the wines now?

Given that this is a pre-sale on wines in order to fund a warehouse, the wines are currently in production and are not ready for delivery.

Where do you ship?

Please check all shipping and tax information here

Do I have to pay the Spanish Value Added Tax (VAT)?

It depends.  If you are business that holds a license to import wines into your country and you are in possession of a CAE number to do so, then you are not required to pay Spanish tax on the wines.  

However, if you are a consumer, you are legally obliged under Spanish law to pay the necessary Value Added Tax (VAT) of 21%, given that the sale is occurring directly from the bodega.  

Please check all shipping and tax information here

I have a CAE number.  How can I purchase these wines on the website without being charged the 21% VAT?

If you are business that holds a license to import wines into your country and you are in possession of a CAE number to do so, then you are not required to pay Spanish tax on the wines.

In order to avoid the VAT charge on your purchase, please contact us at extra@partidacreus.com before placing your order and we will send you a custom code to remove the VAT from your order.

When will the wines become available?

We don't have exact dates but we foresee the wines being ready for shipment during the following times:

  1. PC Extra White: Before the end of August, 2018
  2. PC Extra Red:  Before the end of June, 2018
  3. PC Extra Sparkling:  Before the end of June, 2018
  4. PC Extra Sampler: Before the end of August, 2018

Availability will follow this schedule for 2019 and 2020

Will I be notified when my wines are ready for shipping?

Yes.  We will send you an email notification informing you that your wines are ready.

What if I move in the next three years?

No problem.  Simply get in touch with us and let us know your new address and we will update that in our database.

Can I pick up my wines directly from your vineyard?

Absolutely.  We encourage visits to our vineyard and bodega and would be happy to show you around.  
Once you receive your confirmation email that your wine is ready, let us know when you would like to pick it up so we can schedule your visit.

Can I visit you?

Absolutely.  In fact, we encourage a visit.  You are a part of our community and we would love to meet you.  

Who should I contact with a query or problem?

For any questions regarding this campaign, please contact us at extra@partidacreus.com. For any other questions, please reach out to info@partidacreus.com.

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